Each collection is presented by Rajwada (ExclusiveSterling.com) made in our factory in Jaipur with a select group of talented artists and designers , Italian, French and Indians. Each piece of jewelry shows the care and attention to detail given to work with dedicated craftsmen RajwadaJewellersoffers a unique service in the design and manufacture of jewelery in Jaipur.


We are a manufacturing company of older jewelry for 3 generations run in Jaipur over 15 years, with a factory state with all facilities for cast irons and carving gemstones custom design. Today, we manufacture custom designs in sterling silver jewelry diamond jewelry , diamond studded gold jewelry
for various brands and chain stores in Europe and USA. , Were presented in national and international jewelry shows twice a year . As Jaipur jewelery show, jewelry show jewelry show Bangkok Bombay. For inquiries, please contact us

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